ARA Networks

ARA Networks Partner

ARA Networks provides independently developed OS technology that delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability for best network traffic management.

Our core technologies include NMP(Network Traffic Monitoring Platform) solution for high-performance traffic monitoring and caching-only JAGUAR OS. NMP is the optimized platform for large traffic management over backbone network, which is a based on DPI technology that provides network transparency.

Optimizing Mobile Gateway

ARA Networks’ Mobile Gateway Optimization solution accelerates 3G/ 4G mobile internet and broadband service to enhance QoE for subscribers and unlock the efficiency of a mobile network.

Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network

LTE EPC and Backhaul Optimization
for Ultimate QoE (Quality of Experience) at Less Cost

A major concern of LTE mobile operators is to provide better QoE service to customers. So it becomes a big challenge to invest in network infrastructures while saving costs and managing LTE network with greater efficiency. ARA Networks provides a LTE edge cache solution to solve this dilemma for a LTE service provider.
By distributing the content across the edge(eNodeB) of LTE network, our LTE edge cache solution can provide content delivery service to the customer from nearby location for the best QoE under any network environments and also reduce traffic redundancy for cost saving and efficient managing in LTE network.

Mobile Edge CDN

New Revenue Stream for Mobile Operator and Startup to Telco CDN

  • Growing market demand for QoE enhancement toward increasing mobile video and non-video service
    (i.e. social commerce)
  • Premium service with mobile CDN for both providers and users of mobile App service
  • Start point of Telco CDN for Telco-oriented ecosystem

Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic

Three Big challenges for Telecom Operators at Internet Exchange/Transit Network

  • Service Delay
  • Unstable Service
  • High Cost of Infrastructure and Operationers and users of mobile App service

Next Generation Telco CDN

Telecom Operators providing Fixed and Mobile service

  • Need to optimize IP/MPLS Core network in coping with surge of OTT contents(Unmanaged).
  • Monetize by RTT enhanced delivery of both unmanaged and managed contents.
  • Minimize investment and operation cost for Telco CDN

L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering)

Intelligent Internet Insight for Small and Large ISP

  • Optimizes network and internet service based on multidimensional traffic analysis & management in rapidly changing internet environment.
  • Can be deployed on COTS (commercial Off-the-Shelf) server.
  • Allows tens or hundreds of gigabytes sizing powered by high performance DPI engine (NMP) for the expansion of network interface on a single platform.
  • Provides diversified licensing policies based on the size of your business.

Multidimensional Internet Service Analysis

  • Full dimensional analysis of internet service for peering & service policy configuration and optimization of network design & operation
  • Real-time analysis depending on application, protocol, location and device
  • Session-based bidirectional analysis for high resolution service